work definition :: energy expended by natural phenomena

I started to work as a copywriter when I was 19 years old. For the past 8 years, I worked for advertising agencies and design studios, creating for clients like Volvo, Renault, Banco do Brasil, FIAT and O Boticário.

But to be honest: I never wanted to be just a copywriter.  It’s a good feeling to not just do one thing, one profession. Everything that involves people and creativity. That’s why after graduating in Enterprise Communications I decided to study Art Production and Cultural Management.

One day, I might be writing poetry and blogging; the next, hosting an event like this.

Since 2016 I work as a freelancer – and this was the year when my life changed completely. I sold everything I had and started to travel since then.

Because I don’t have a house anymore and very few bills, I’ve been experiencing different kind of jobs, like creating naming and manifestos for companies, writing brand books, being a voice over for several audio studios, working as a curator for events, etc.

I want to use my ideas to connect people, to make better cities and to help brands to communicate better.

I know, I dream big. But I think it’s working. :)